SMS Marketing to the next level

Streamline your marketing campaigns through innovative methods
Get 500 free messages on sign up
All-in-one platform

All-in-one platform

Use our complete SMS Marketing solution to send targeted campaigns, notifications, reminders, alerts, OTP codes or scheduled messages
Innovative features made for you

Innovative features made for you

Subscribe / unsubscribe, smart contact import, personalized messages, failed delivery filter, automatic deletion of duplicate contacts and more
Send messages with your number

Send messages with your number

We also offer the possibility to use the phone together with your subscription to send messages, so the sending costs will be substantially lower
Cloud powered service

Cloud powered service

Our API has an availability rate of 99.98%. We offer a complete messaging service, always available and secure


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Sending messages in bulk

Bulk sending is a sms marketing process through which you send promotional messages, alerts, reminders, notifications to a large group of contacts in a relatively short time. SMSAdvert offers you this service directly from the platform through two different sending channels.

List of Romanian companies

We provide you with a database of over 600,000 active companies with the possibility of targeting on different criteria, such as: company status, turnover, profit, no. employees, seniority, position in industry, county, locality. Services available through our partnership with

Marketing campaigns

Whether you're promoting an offer or sending a notification, when running a campaign you need real-time statistics, detailed final reports, a stable connection, and smart tools to create a personalized experience. You will find all these functions implemented in the SMSAdvert application with an intuitive and easy to use interface.

Process automation

We have prepared a set of tools and integrations to facilitate the automation of your processes of sending short messages and subscribing / unsubscribing customers. Here you will find a list of integrations and plugins, and for custom implementations you can access the API documentation.

Mobile phone advertising

Do you want to promote your services or products to a target audience? We offer you access to audiences with millions of users, using the databases of mobile operators in accordance with the GDPR regulations, where you can target by: Age, Sex, CAEN Code, Geolocation, etc.

Short message integration via API

In order to implement the sending of messages directly from your application, we provide you with an easy-to-implement API with a simple and intuitive documentation. We have prepared examples of integration in over 15 programming languages.

Your phone as a Gateway

At SMSAdvert we offer you the opportunity to turn your phone into a messaging device to benefit from low sending costs and to communicate with your customers directly from your company's phone number, thus giving your customers an experience. customized.

OTP Authentication

Do you want to increase the security of your application or validate the phone number of your customers to reduce fraud? One Time Password (OTP) authentication is often used because of its efficiency. You can implement this functionality using our API.


Companies choose to notify their customers by short messages due to the efficiency of this tool both by its transmission speed and by the high opening rate. This way you are sure that your message has been successfully conveyed to your customers, especially when it comes to important information or events.


Do you want to increase your participation rate in webinars or do your clients simply forget to show up for appointments? Send them a reminder and you will immediately see an improvement in your processes.