Advantages of Bulk SMS marketing

Marketing campaigns have changed drastically as business professionals, and sale people have to incorporate new ways to get their materials in front of the eyes of prospects. Long gone are the days of marketing campaigns consisting of commercials on TV or a spot on the radio. The advent of mobile entertainment and smart televisions, which give us the power to bypass commercials has changed marketing forever. Today the average person is tethered to their mobile phone at all times. Mobile phones are with us during travel, most meals, work we even sleep with our devices. All business depends on the ability to implement marketing campaigns that ultimately lead to sales effectively.

Bulk SMS efficiency

The effectiveness of bulk SMS marketing is measured on the overall return on investment (ROI), and part of this process is considering the speed and cost to deliver materials to prospects. Bulk SMS marketing offers materials instantaneously. On average, SMS messages take five to seven seconds to reach the intended target. Regarding the cost, bulk SMS service is negligible compared to direct mailing, television, or radio. Bulk SMS service can be achieved with mobile device software, or you can purchase an application. Using applications for bulk SMS is a lot cheaper than television, radio, or direct mailing.

Our mobile devices are powerful

Using a mobile platform as the launching pad as part of a marketing campaign increase your ability to include additional materials. If you are marketing to existing customers, you can easily add account information, including invoices and helpful tips to add value.

SMS open rates

Bulk SMS marketing yields, on average, an open rate of 97 percent. Email, on the other hand, has an open frequency, on average of 17 percent, in many cases it's a lot lower. The 97 percent open rate of bulk SMS marketing materials almost 20 percentage points higher than direct mailing, which is on average 80 percent. Bulk SMS marketing is beneficial; as the 97 percent, open rate also applies to reading the materials sent. It is shown that almost 100 percent of bulk SMS messages sent are read.

Peace of mind

Bulk SMS services are guaranteed to make to its intended target. Compared to email, or direct mailing marketing, which may not reach the prospect. Direct mailing materials may get lost in the mail or accidentally thrown away. Email messages are often filtered to spam and never reach the prospect's inbox.

Success probability of SMS campaigns

Most marketing materials part of a bulk SMS service is converted to a sale. Marketing works as a system, and if you increase one component of the system, the entire system benefits. Since bulk SMS service yields a high open and read rates, it also increases the probability of a sales conversion.

Bulk SMS customization

Bulk SMS service marketing campaign gives you the freedom to customize materials based on several factors, including demographics, shopping habits, the day of the week, and time you send the materials. Bulk SMS marketing also allows marketers to customize messages based on specifics regarding the state or city the prospect lives. Customization is a powerful marketing tool that bulk SMS makes it very easy to leverage.