Best way to send SMS messages from your PC

SMS marketing is something many companies tend to overlook. Yet, it can be an extremely powerful advertising tool considering that we all have mobile phones on us basically non-stop. Compared to email marketing, it has one major advantage - there is no spam folder when it comes to SMS messages. There are countless people who don't take emails half as seriously as SMS messages, as such, a lot higher percentage of the former ends up unread.

Furthermore, considering the busy lifestyles, most of us live nowadays, we all prefer short and straight-to-the-point messages. 160 characters are just perfect for that. And did you know you can send the entire SMS campaign easily from your computer and use it as an SMS sender? Yes, sending out SMS bundles has never been simpler.

3 ways of sending SMS from a PC

Let's take a look at what are the three available ways to send SMS from PC.

  1. 1Let's start by introducing the cheapest option first. The cheapest way to send SMS from PC is by using an android app that connects to a web platform. That way you basically take over the control of your phone(s) with your PC. This enables you to send multiple messages in a completely automated way. This method is perfect for companies with a smaller budget. Using this way to send SMS from PC, it is advisable to be used for SMS marketing campaigns, notifications and not for authentication or phone number validation since this might not be the most reliable method.
  2. 2 The second option is slightly more costly, yet significantly more reliable as it bypasses possible mobile network conjunction problems completely. This method works by using a web platform that sends the SMS messages directly to operators through the internet connection. It is the way to go for companies that can afford to spend more on their SMS campaigns.
  3. 3 The third option is just a combination of the first two methods. As such it enables sending through mobile phone(s) to get the lower price, but it has a sort of redundant feature to send the messages directly to operators through the internet when the phone is disconnected or not available. That way it gives you a sort of a middle ground option regarding the price and reliability. This option best suits the companies that can afford to spend slightly more on their SMS marketing that the bare minimum for the sake of slightly higher reliability. Of course, you shouldn't mind working with two different systems.

Our company is mainly focused on Bulk SMS. Our top-notch platform enables users to send out SMS from PC in all three up-to-date available ways. As such you can decide and go with the one that best suits your needs and matches your SMS campaign specifics.

Are you ready for SMS marketing?

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